Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Alright this one is for all you out there who dread Valentine’s Day!  Such a loving day should not come with any stress but some fun and enjoyment instead. With this being said, it’s sometimes hard to come up with that perfect something for our significant others. So, let’s get brainstorming.

This year particularly has been kind of tough on all of our wallets and I don’t think either one of us is gonna go all out, that doesn’t mean we aren’t gonna have a good time though.  Soooooo this Valentine’s Day I’m gonna send my boyfriend on a scavenger hunt! Now, we are both foodies and we tend to be pretty punny, sometimes a little bit too much, however I’m gonna take full advantage of that. For those of you who have not done a scavenger hunt its very simple, you give the person the first clue, they then proceed to search for the second one. Once they find the second clue it leads them to the third and so one and so forth. For my scavenger hunt I will be placing a punny treat with all of his next clues.

For example, each item will have a clue to where the next present or goodies are hidden. By the end of the hunt he will have had lots of yummy treats and a fun dinner to make together ending with a in home movie night. Yes, dinner and a movie, but with a twist!

  1. You’re all that and a bag of chips (His favorite chips in the pantry)
  2. We make the perfect pair or you knock my socks off! (Super warm work socks in his draw)
  3. You’re such a stud muffin (Local bakery’s muffin in the breakfast area)
  4. I’m totally nuts about you! (His favorite nuts in his lunch box)
  5. I won the lottery when I met you! $$$ (One or two lotto tickets in his wallet or jacket pocket)
  6. Out of all the fish in the sea I’m glad you chose me! (His favorite kind of goldfish, placed in a cabinet)
  7. Donut you know I love you a Hole bunch!?! Or I Donut know what I’d do without you! (His favorite donuts or donut holes hidden where ever you keep baked goods, we keep ours in the oven ((air tight-ish))
  8. You float my boat! (Root beer in fridge, ice cream in freezer)
  9. I just can’t reese- ist you (Reese’s peanut butter cups, hidden in my not so hidden chocolate stash…) and or..
  10. I love you to pieces. (Reese’s Pieces, again hidden in my not so hidden chocolate stash…)
  11. You make my heart pop! You butter stay in my life. 😉 (popcorn in the microwave)
  12. Action and adventure, they all sound fun, anime or comedy lets pic one! (Movies at home)
  13. Will you be my Valentine or is that too cheesy? (Pizza supplies set aside in the fridge)

With the last clue being wherever you choose, have a nice heart felt card to go along with your sweet activities.

I hope anyone who plans on having a scavenger hunt has as much fun as us. If anyone has any comments, suggestions or wants to share their experience please feel free to leave a comment below. 😊