To have kids or not to have kids… That is the question

In this generation I feel that most people from the ages or 20-30 are having less kids and they’re making that choice on their own. Wanna know why? Because dogs are a lot easier. But in all reality kids are expensive and a life long commitment. It’s not like they turn 18 and then you’re done, because let’s be real, that’s not how it works. The ages and stages of kids is so expensive. After doing a little research I found this amazing site that can individually calculate the cost of having a child. Curious, give it a try.

Let’s start from the very beginning.  Doctors appointments, unless you have really great insurance you can be paying boo-koo bucks to see a doctor every few weeks. After that 9 months is over come delivery, ouch. To both you and your pockets. But that bundle of joy will be worth it.  Crossing your fingers that a baby shower has provided you with enough essentials and more than enough diapers. Then come the terrible two’s, the traumatizing three’s and the fucking four’s. At least that’s what the parents at the daycare call the stages. Up until school age, kids would be in need of care. Would day care be the type of care that you’re looking for? Or would you be a stay at home parent possibly living off of one income? Maybe you have relatives that can help out. These are all things to consider. Keep in mind that infant programs tend to be the most expensive out of all the programs. (Toddler, preschool and after school) That brings us to the next stage in life, school age. At this point your little one is growing quick, that means a little more food, clothes that will fit for a few months, and transportation. All of these things will gradually go up in the years to come. All in all, you can be looking at anywhere from 9,000-13,000 per year. Every household is different with different incomes but its definitely something to consider when talking with your spouse about bringing a life into this world.

Besides all the money there are other things to consider as well. Ladies this is your body we’re talking about here. Having a child is a beautiful process and the after affects are nothing to be ashamed of! Many ladies develop stretch marks or hold on to a little bit of baby weight. But those stretch lines are more like tiger stripes showing how strong you are! Be proud! But keep in mind that your body will change, and guys, the same thing goes for you. Your woman is about to or is currently putting her body though an enormous process, give her a foot rub and tell her she’s beautiful because she is. A few months down the road, after the labor is over it’ll all be worth it. Try to catch up on some sleep beforehand because you will be waking up every few hours. This is something I have to keep in mind personally because I treasure my sleep more then anything. If you have a week stomach good luck changing those diapers or cleaning up a blow-out. If you don’t know what a blow out it, do not google it. Just ask a mom… teething is somewhat similar to a puppy, they will want to chew on everything, do not let them chew on everything. Sleep patterns will change and will feel more like a roller-coaster then anything else so buckle up. Nap time will be your best friend whether it’s cleaning the house, doing some work, eating a meal or taking a nap yourself. At school age that’s where things get interesting because it’s not just your kid any more its your kid interacting with the world and I gotta say it’s a weird place to be right now. Not every kid is nice, and your kids may even pick up on some not so desirable behaviors. Take a deep breath, these are going to be growing pain years. They will develop into their own personalities but to do that they need to experiment to find who they are. This is really hard for most parents. They want that sweet little baby back… (que baby #2) before you know it there’s a pre-teen living in your house, they eat everything and are always on the move. Get a good look at them now because teenagers are never home. Their calling card is an empty fridge. They may hang out with weird people and date even stranger people but that’s part of the process.  Da-ta-da-da Congratulations you now have an 18-year-old, a full adult. Just kidding they’re gonna live with you a little while longer. In today’s financial world it’s close to impossible for anyone that young to go out on their own, and if they do venture out be prepared to have them come home. Do not give their room to their younger sibling. If you’re going to help them go through college I hope you’ve been saving from the very beginning or they end up with a scholarship. Student debt is no joke.

We want to give our kids the best life possible, so think it over before bringing a life into the world. It’s natural for our maternal instincts to kick in and want to have babies. But this is something that needs to be thought about, over and over. Not only financially but emotionally, physically, and unselfishly.

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